Peace is not just a dream.

We have a plan.

One Act, Endless Possibilities


HWPL works to end community violence in Atlanta, Georgia, by promoting global peace through impactful education initiatives. We tackle the root causes of violence, creating a ripple effect for a harmonious world. Our commitment is to sow seeds of peace for a united and tranquil font

Efforts pave the way for meaningful and positive transformations

Your generous contributions will play a pivotal role in supporting the lives of Clarkston refugees. By supporting this initiative, you not only empower the educational aspirations of deserving individuals but also contribute to the ongoing efforts in Clarkston, GA. Your donations will make a lasting impact, fostering positive change and brighter futures. Join us in making a difference today!

Heard of Clarkston Georgia?

Clarkston has earned the moniker "the most diverse square mile in America, welcoming individuals from over 40 different countries.

This vibrant tapestry of cultures converges in a small yet impactful space, creating a unique microcosm of diversity. The funds raised will directly contribute to supporting the refugee community in Clarkston, providing educational opportunities and essential resources.